At The Technology Centre we take the quality of the products that we resell seriously, to ensure that they are fairly priced, reliable and are fit for the purpose you intend them to do. That is why we take choosing our partners seriously.


As one of the world’s leading IT operating systems company it is important for any IT company to ensure they have a strong grasp of the products that they offer. This is why we are Microsoft small business specialists and will continue to meet the requirements to maintain this status.


We find that Dell offer the products and customization that fits our business model and attitude that you need the right product for you. They allow us to ensure that if a part of our servers fails we can continue to get replacement parts even in the later stages of its life.


Sophos provide an easy solution that protects your business. We have been using this antivirus solution for many years and have found it gives all the information and control over your network from one place. With the excellent support from them if there is an issue you can rest easy knowing you’re protected, and Sophos offers 24/7 support to help us help you.


After many years of recommending their free antivirus product to home users, they finally produced the full internet security package that many home users and small businesses need. We find this solution is perfect for businesses that do not have a server.


As printers are an essential part of a network it is important that they work. With Oki you get a printer that works but also cheap printing costs with a standard 3 year warranty on registration. Since becoming a partner and supplying these printer we only have had good things to say about them

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