Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange uses the most advanced email server technology to allow you to sync email, calendars and contacts between devices. This means that when you respond to that email or add that appointment to your calendar on your phone, when you then look at your PC that appointment will be there and the email in your sent items.

Hosted Exchange allows you to use your domain name with as many email addresses as you want. It allows you to easily increase to decrease the number of users that you have so there is no issue with server capacity or licenses.

How is hosted exchange different from POP and IMAP?

POP and IMAP normally come with web hosting. Both technologies only deal with email and not with calendars or contacts like hosted exchange.
With a POP account the email server holds a copy of your email and each device pulls a copy down. There is no synchronization between devices so when you rely on one device it doesn’t show on the other.

IMAP does allow synchronization between devices however all emails are stored on the server and these accounts normally come with a smaller storage capacity.

What type of Hosted Exchange do I need?

There are two types of Hosted Exchange; the first is a shared server. Even though it is shared only you can access your emails. it just means you don’t have full control over the server.

The second type is dedicated Hosted Exchange, this gives you full control over the configuration of the server and allow your software to be linked in.
We can offer both types of Hosted exchange and will be happy to help you find the correct one that for you.

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